Author: Marvin Silawule

This sector is all about getting your hands dirty, staying focused and being patient enough to observe the fruits of your labour. Agriculture has always been perceived as an activity, and with the digital age upon us, it is the last sector any ordinary young person would be interested in. Fair enough, Agriculture at face value does look old khaki, dirty and has a spin of staleness in its appearance however there are so many careers and business activities that one can explore within the sector and reap bountiful rewards if the time is put in.

What kind of careers you may ask?

Well, agriculture does not mean you will wear old khaki pants and big brown boots and labour the fields for long periods, careers such as:

  • Agronomy involve the technical aspects of agriculture, which include studying the soil, analysing different crops and understanding the plant life cycles to make better decisions in which the actual farmer can use for efficiency and thus produce better yields.
  • You may also be interested in being an Agricultural Economist which involves understanding the commercial aspects of agriculture such as analysing market prices, export and import forces, supply and demand dynamics across the various agricultural value chains that are out there.
  • Interested in drafting legal contracts in the agricultural sector? Well, you can also be a Lawyer that plays a vital role when it comes to business transactions amongst farmers.
  • Lastly with the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) making its way in South Africa, digitization within the Agricultural sector is imperative, commercial farmers need drones that can assess farming land to collect information on soil fertility, risk of crop diseases and irrigation to be able to make faster decisions and prevent any losses from happening, and who will facilitate the movement of drones…? Well you have drone pilots, which will be in high demand soon.

Is it still dull?

Think about it this way, whether you have had a healthy salad for lunch today, or a scrumptious cheese burger with extra sauce, all the ingredients were derived from an agricultural function or activity, through planting, growing and processing. Agriculture is vital to our lives as it enables food security in our country. So, if you are considering an exciting and challenging career or venture, look no further Agriculture is the key!

Next time we meet, I’ll be discussing agriculture economy and the land debate. Stay tuned…

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