About Me


The time has come for young people to rise up and make their mark in the world! We live in a free society where our opinions are valid and should be validated; hence it’s time to express ourselves unapologetically. The world needs to hear from us and that’s why I created Awaited Opinion.

My name is Lindiwe Hange, a young economist from South Africa who is very passionate about human intellect. I graduated with a Bcom Honours in Economics degree at the University of Johannesburg, where I received cum laude for my undergraduate qualification as well as a top achiever’s award – above all I am the founder of Awaited Opinion.

Awaited Opinion was created in 2016 with an aim of sharing my opinion by taking complex economic theories and simplifying them. My burning desire to teach and explain economics concepts to ordinary people, in the hopes that they will learn and make better decisions, did not transpire in a manner that I had hoped. Hence the decision to transform from a personal blog to a professional movement!

Yes, Awaited Opinion is a movement for young people to voice their thoughts. It is a platform where real people can teach and learn from each other. Where a conversation on how we move the world forward is the order of business. Where adhering to specific jargon or writing techniques do not matter and positivity is shared though our zeal for living. Primarily, Awaited Opinion is a platform where leadership and futurist ideas enrich our state of being.

I believe in changing mindsets as a way of liberating our nations, therefore here’s a platform that allows you to voice your AWAITED OPINION.